Siobhan Sloane Seale

With the combined talents of music, dance and choreography, singer/songwriter Siobhan Sloane-Seale is a force to be reckoned with.  She is a Vancouver-based vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, contemporary dancer, and choreographer.

Originally from Winnipeg, Siobhan moved out west to study dance at Simon Fraser University.  She would hide away in her bedroom with her guitar every chance she got.  One night on Jericho Beach during the Folk Festival she met a group of wild artists who inspired her to start performing music live. She has been performing at, intimate venues ever since.

Siobhan’s sweet lilting voice is accompanied by precise finger-picking and syncopated rhythmic strumming. Her music has been described as whimsical folk, full of honesty and emotional integrity. Siobhan has been playing acoustic guitar for 17 years and has been singing since she was a child.  She is pre-dominantly self-instructed in both those areas.

In 2007 she received her first FACTOR demo award.  She recorded three tracks with producer Doug Fury at Fortissimo Sound. Last summer and fall, Siobhan received her second FACTOR demo award and recorded three more tracks with producer Winston Hauschild at Fader Mountain Sound.

Her foundational musical training includes 7 years of private lessons in classical piano and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in dance from SFU.  During her Fine Arts degree, Siobhan studied percussion with Ron Stelting and music accompaniment for contemporary dance with Albert St. Albert.   She has worked as a music accompanist at the Shadbolt Centre for the Arts for the past five years playing guitar, percussion and singing her heart out for children’s and adult dance classes.

Siobhan has worked collaboratively, with actors, musicians and filmmakers since her time as a student at SFU starting in 1998.  She continues to study music privately in voice, percussion and acoustic guitar.